Here are the entries for the 2020 Art for All challenge!

We would like to thank everyone for taking part. We are SO delighted with the standard of submissions that we will be issuing another challenge very soon!

Click the pictures for a larger version.

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Miss Havisham Regrets She’s Unable To See You Today

by Kladovski
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by Felix Platt in the under 18 category
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Passing Time

by Elizabeth Forbes
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by Amelia Platt in the under 18 category
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Time and Tide Wait for No Man

by Keith Mitchell
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Westacre Passing Time

by Sue Smalley
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Passing Time

by Sky Nuttall
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Pebbles, Shells and Seaglass

by Sue Welfare
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On the Edge of Time

by Michelle Louise Carter
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Passing Time

by Teresa McCarthy
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Waiting for High Tide

by David Coker
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Passing Jazz Time

by Helen Breach
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Passing Time en plein air

by Kay Barker
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Sun Clock

by Barbara King
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by Karen Wadham
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Amsterdam Girl

by Peter Lawton
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Stop, Look, Listen, Paint

by Steve Hendry
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Four Seasons

by Sara Edwards
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by Alistair Milner
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